H2C design uses high-end materials for superlative quality.
We make you satisfy from design to produce what about eyewear.



H2C provides the metal frame with reasonable prices and high-quality products because of the production of its own factory. We continue to develop high quality technologies and new technologies with differentiated quality.


Most of the acetate cutting production are largely limited to China, due to the work for acetate requiring a lot of human hands.
In order to make a difference for "MADE IN KOREA" , and to increase the quality of product completeness , all the processes are being held in Korea, since 2013.


We have imported Widsor Rim from Italy which is used for high-end metal glasses and lead the fashion with the style of colors into metal frame. Windsor rim & Inner rim are goods 100% officially imported by Aurochim, Italy. Aurochim founded in 1977 and H2C s maintained a good relationship since 2013 as an exclusive distributor in Korea H2C is being handled the work of Windsor Rim which requires superior skill and a relatively large amount of time compared to other processes.